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I know you may wonder I am posting lot of tapioca recipes in my blog, the reason being its used most often in Kerala families and its absolutely tasteful in anything you make with, but this recipe is something you will definitely love to have many, as its made of both the fish as well as the tapioca. You could use any type of fish for it. The process is very simple except removing the skin from the tapioca and cutting it into pieces, however if you don’t need tapioca in it, you could ignore using it and make with just the fish.

Cutlets are mostly liked by most of them, and even kids love it, if made it with less spice. Cutlets are common recipe, and fish cutlet is little more common however, just think of a fish and tapioca together in a cutlet. . Sounds interesting rite..yes we are using tapiocas to it, it gives a wonderful taste just like the potatoes in the veg cutlet. This delicious cutlet can be served as a patty or eaten as an appetizer or as a substantial meal; with no further delay here you go with the making :)


  • Any Fish (boiled and bones/skin removed) Shredded- 1 ½ Cup
  • Tapioca- 1 Medium (skin removed and cut into medium size pieces)
  • Onion- 1 finely chopped
  • Ginger- a small pices finely minced
  • Garlic-2-3 pods chopped
  • Green Chilies- 3 Nos Chopped finely
  • Chili Powder- 1 Tspn
  • Turmeric Powder- ¼ Tspn
  • Coriander Powder- 1 Tspn
  • Pepper Powder- ½ Tspn
  • Garam Masala- 1 Tspn
  • Chopped curry leaves- few
  • Bread Crumbs- 1 Cup
  • Mustard Seeds- few
  • Cumin Seeds- few
  • Salt- To Taste
  • Oil- To Deep Fry


  • In a pressure cooker, add the tapioca and 1 cup of water and cook for 3 whistles.
  • After its cooked well, smash it all together just like how you smash potatoes and keep separate.
  • In a pan, pour oil, add the mustard,cumin seeds,chopped curry leaves and sauté.
  • Add the chopped ginger, garlic, green chilies and sauté again for 2 minutes.
  • Add the onions to it and sauté well until it becomes translucent.
  • Add all the powders mentioned in the ingredients and salt and sauté again.
  • After the masala smell goes from it, add the shredded fish to it and sauté again.
  • Bring to low flame and add the smashed tapioca and mix everything well.
  • After it sets cool, make shape out of it (your desired shape either as round, heart or oval), dip into the egg and spread the bread crumbs on the both sides and deep fry it until both the sides turns golden brown.


"If you are finding hard to mix the smashed tapioca with the fish ingredient, switch off the flame, let it become cool and then mix it by hand.

Adjust the spice level as per your spicy level.

Oil should be medium hot when you drop the cutlets else it will darken the cutlets.

As I said it’s your choice, if you need just the fish cutlet you could ignore adding the tapioca to it.

You can make it with any fish variety but look for fishes in which bones can be easily removed, fishes like sardines may give little difficulty as it may have small bones which are not easy to remove."

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