Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Here comes another vegetarian delight with Brinjal. Usually I don’t like brinjal too much, but this recipe fall as exceptional after I tasted it. Kathirikai gosthu is one of a ultimate tasty recipe which can be served with ven pongal or Idly. It’s an ancient recipe and very simple to make as well. There are lot of different ways to do it, many of them doesn’t dry roast and grind and use the powder as some just use the chilly and the coriander powder. The only main requirement for this recipe is to cut the brinjal as small cubes.

This recipe is mainly cooked in most houses at Chidambaram,Tamil Nadu. Its a perfect recipe for vegetarian lovers and can cook this easily if you want to treat a vegetarian lovers for a dinner. Here you go with the making!


  • Brinjal (Cut into small cubes)- 1 Cup
  • Onion – 1 Medium
  • Tomato- 1
  • Green Chilies- 3
  • Turmeric Powder- ¼ Tspn
  • Tamarind Paste- ¼ Tspn
To Temper:
  • Coconut Oil- 2 Tspn
  • Curry Leaves-few
  • Mustard Seeds- 1 Tspn
To Dry Roast and grind:

  • Coriander seeds- 2 Tspn
  • Cumin seeds- ½ Tspn
  • Toor dal- 2 Tspn
  • Fenugreek seeds – ¼ Tspn
  • Dried red Chillies- 5 Nos
  • Jaggery – a very small piece
To Temper:
  • Sesame Oil- 2 Tspn
  • Curry Leaves- Few
  • Urud Dal- 1 Tspn
  • Split Bengal gram- 1 Tspn
  • Asafetida- ¼ Tspn
  • Mustard- 1 Tspn


  • Dry roast all the ingredients under “To Dry roast and grind” and keep aside.
  • In a pressure cooker, add oil and add all the ingredients under “To Temper”
  • Now add sliced onions, sauté until it becomes translucent.
  • Add sliced tomatoes and green chilies and sauté again.
  • Add the ground powder, turmeric powder along with salt and sauté well.
  • Once the masala smell goes off add the cubed brinjal and sauté for a minute to let the masala mix well.
  • Add a cup of water(adjust as per the vegetables used) and cook for 2 whistle.
  • After the whistle goes off completely, smudge the curry well with a wooden ladle and mash it well.
  • Add the tamarind paste to it and mix well.
"You can use the normal vegetable as well if you don’t want to use the sesame oil, however it gives a nice taste.

You can add a bit of ginger to the curry to bring an aroma.

Using jaggery is also optional."



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