Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why not a traditional authentic south Indian sweet to celebrate the Tamil New Year!!and are you confused to make a unique sweet recipe to make during celebrations??

Thiratipaal,is the best option for you in that case, Its one of a very famous and delicious sweet recipe which most of the south Indians love to have it, it just melts in your mouth, with regard to the making its really very simple and easy, if made precisely with the correct measurement and the consistency. If you use the proper cow milk the result will be awesome, however for people who lives in places where you get only get bottled milk the taste will be slightly vary but still we can get the taste of the Thiratipaal. I am very new to make this recipe, and was much excited to see the result and it was awesome when it’s done.

  • Whole Milk- 0.5 gallon/ 2 Ltr
  • Curd or Vinegar- 2-3 Tspn
  • Brown Sugar- 2 Cups
  • Ghee- 3 Tspn


  • Boil the milk in medium flame in a heavy bottomed pan and stir occasionally say in every 10 minutes add a tspn of curd or vinegar to it.
  • After some time the milk will start thickening and will start reducing the quantity, now add another tspn of curd or vinegar at that time.
  • Add the curd or vinegar at regular intervals.
  • After the milk is curdled completely raise the flame a little more to dry out the excess water in it, now add the brown sugar and stir continuously.
  • It forms a thick paste now; add the elachi powder and the ghee to it.

"Do not add the curd or vinegar at once, as it may not taste good."



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